Tracking Management Tool (TMT) is a user friendly web based interface for your Snowplow event tracking pipeline. The tool is designed to make it easy and intuitive to manage your Snowplow Pipeline tracking data while reducing the possibility of errors almost to 0. With Tracking Management Tool from Key2Market multiple non-technical users across organization can set up, verify and deploy new events without worrying about consistency, adherence to JSON formats or event validation. TMT is designed from ground up to ensure that every event adheres to the strict requirements so your tracking data is always 100% accurate.

  • Automated synchronization with S3 repository (AWS service for storing data) allows user to store loaded files in cloud storage and use them whenever they need. S3 service provides highest level of durability and availability of the data.
  • Tracking of historical changes allows the user to save changes which has been made and refer to them in case if it will be required.
  • Event validation. Tracking Management Tool has implemented two-step verification of events.
  • Flexibility of the tool provides a set of events which can cover data tracking and collecting needs of any kind of business
  • Tracking Consistency allows user to be sure that after successful set up and tweaking of all elements and fields, which user want to set for business purposes, data inflow will continue to maintain high level of reliability and invariable behavior over time.