Improve Data Accuracy

Identifying anomalies early ensures accurate and consistent data that can be further used as a foundation for data science tasks and lead to accurate analysis.

Visible Business Impact

Detect changes in the data before they start impacting the business. Understand business drivers and enable teams to make better decision.

Find Unusual Trends

Anomalies, such as drastic increase or decrease in customer behaviour, help uncover trends early enough and allow the business the capitalize on these trends to its advantage.

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Check out this video where Kirill Andriychuk explains what it is and how it works.

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Ease of Intergation

We do not force you to provide summary for each individual category to monitor. You set up just one file with all of the information in it and our machine learning figures out the rest.

Known Anomalies

Our flexible system will allows you to flag any anomaly to let the algorithm know that it is expected and the these data points should not be used for machine learning.

Machine Learning

We build machine learning right into the core of our anomaly detection. As your data changes and your business growth, our system learns to adapt to the patterns in your data streams.

Instant notifications about Anomalies delivered daily. We bring you the ability to see unusual trends in the data as they appear and give you instant opportunity to react.

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