Powerful Data Warehouse

Date Warehouse should be as flexible as the business it supports. No more costly, long and cumbersome Data Warehouse implementations that takes years to mature and drain millions from the business. Set up a scalable Data Warehouse for less then $3k/month
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Meaningful Inisght

The truth is, having lots of info does not lead to better decisions. Information should be actionable, particularly relating to the business management. We focus on stripping down all of the noise and focus on what really matters: Actionable insight that can drive your business
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Proactive Analytics

Analytics and Data Mining go hand in hand in finding patterns and trends hidden within the wealth of data. Making sense of what is important to the business and how to use the data is key to your success. Ask us how to move out of reactive reporting to proactive analytics.
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Business Requirements
Reporting and analytics
BI Strategy

Amazon Redshift

Need help with Redshift – a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse solution? Optimize your architecture to facilitate fast data processing, improve query performance, ensure data accuracy and consistency.

Powerful Data Validation

Are you tired of finding data gaps or pattern changes too late in the reporting cycle? Let us integrate the Data Monitor to analyze your data and notify you of any changes in your usual data patterns before your customers.


Predictive Analytics

Anything from cluster analysis to regression and forecasting. Would you like to know which data sets in your database correlate with each other? Let us help you uncover hidden patterns.


Data Presentation

With over 5 years experience with Tableau – a powerful and intuitive data visualization tool, we know how to leverage this powerful tool to your advantage. Whether you would like to optimize your data extracts, improve your workbook performance or simply to create powerful data visualization.

Most people consume data visually and making your dashboards functional yet appealing is key to telling your story the way you want it to be told.


API Framework


With experience in tapping into most of the popular API platforms, we can help with setting up data flow from some of the well known systems back into your environment for analysis.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Double Click for Partners
  • TUNE
  • Mixpanel
  • Salesforce
  • iTunes Connect
  • Google Play