Data Warehouse and Technology

We help companies set up Business Intelligence technology to meet their growing business needs. From Data Warehouse design and architecture to Master Data Management and Data Governance frameworks, we can help you become a data driven company. Our knowledgeable and experienced team can fill in as your on-site Business Intelligence experts.
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Smart Anomaly Detection

Our Anomaly Detection helps improve data accuracy within the organisation and better understand your business drivers. We monitor all of your data across key categories with our statistical algorithms to notify you when your data goes outside expected parameters. Machine learning algorithms analyze your data daily and help companies explain what drives unusual spikes and/or declines in the data.
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Proactive Analytics

Analytics and Data Mining go hand in hand in finding patterns and trends hidden within the wealth of data. Making sense of what is important to the business and how to use the data is key to your success. We work with mainstream reporting tools like Tableau as well as with advanced Data Science software, such as R and Python. Ask us how to move out of reactive reporting to proactive analytics.
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Our Stack

We work with a lot of technologies, including Amazon Redshift, Tableau, Talend, Pentaho, Python, Tenserflow, Spark and Scala

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Our Product

Anomaly Detection monitors your data and helps you uncover hidden trends. Impact Matrix explains what is causing your data to change daily.

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