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    A dedicated team of experienced Data Analysts and Data Architects
    to support your Business Intelligence initiatives
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    Next generation analytics platform that provides end-user self-service
    and governed data, turning information into knowledge
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    We help you make data-driven decisions with confidence and optimize
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What We Do

Data Warehouse

Each successful Business Intelligence implementation requires a robust data warehouse design and architecture as the foundation. Key2Market can help you get most out of your investment. Our services focus on producing a single central Data Warehouse and providing a unique solution for all your data challenges

Data Validation

Your company’s data is one of its most valuable assets. Key2Market will help your company create and implement a solid data management and validation process to ensure your data remains accurate, secure, accessible, and usable for analytics insights.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization helps you understand your data so that you can begin to answer business questions, develop insights, and make better-informed decisions. Our data visualization analysts aim to identify performance towards your goals and objectives, point out that something deserves attention and spot any deviations, advising what action needs to be taken.

Data Governance

Data analytics governance allows you to turn your data into a valuable business asset that creates competitive advantage and helps you advance your company. Together we will establish your strategic vision over the goals, communication, processes, and management of your data, empowering the stakeholders with competitive analytics insights, building competitive advantage and reducing risks.


Key2Market is trusted by leading enterprises


Tracking Management Tool

Connect your teams through analytics you can trust

Our next generation Tracking Management Tool provides consumer-grade self-service and governed data at business speed, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the implementation and management of your Snowplow Analytics tracking solution
Know and trust where data and analytics are derived from with consistent and accurate events implementation and validation. Empower your teams with easy access to event’s versioning, validation status, payload, JSON Schema, and JSONPath files.
Tracking Management Tool will benefit your organization by providing you with one source of data and truth, making it available to every employee quickly and easily.

Anomaly Detection and Snowman Toolkit

Make your business smarter with connected insights

We work very closely with Snowplow Analytics to provide in-app and web tracking to our customers. Our Anomaly Detection AI algorithm as part of the Snowman toolkit monitors the events pipleine and notifies of any spikes and declines that are not part of the normal cycle.
Our Snowman Toolkit is a unified solution designed to work natively on Snowplow Analytics, allowing you to meet your strategic and operational goals through quick deployment and easy setup. Snowman Dashboard allows your teams to monitor, analyze and prepare data with a consumer-grade UX.
Visualize analytics and discover new insights and anomalies based on the extensive data science algorithms. Create a trusted view of data with data accuracy and timeliness tools, robust ETL/ELT frameworks, pre-configured reports, and 1-click data visualization portal.

About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2015 and based in Berlin, Key2Market has a unique and modern approach to deploying holistic, enterprise-grade analytical solutions, delivering capability, governance, and scale, while enabling business operations to achieve the speed, self-service and functional agility that they need. Our Business Intelligence expertise has been successfully applied to organizations from various industries, including finance, tech, travel, e-commerce, foodservice, and e-health.

Our Mission

We are driven by our passion to help our enterprise clients do more of what works, eliminating the nonessential. By investing in groundbreaking predictive analytics, data automation, adaptive user experience, and modern multi-tenant architectural thinking, we help organizations achieve growth in the marketplace while maintaining their proficiency and profitability.
  • How fast can you build an on-premise BI solution?

    Every deployment is different in complexity. However, when speed is key, we can have Data Warehouse, ETL and Reports set up within 30 days. Very often this can even be achieved within two weeks.

  • Do you provide an out-of-the-box BI solution?

    We implement only tailor-made BI solutions that contain the key components needed for your organization’s specific business needs.

  • What strategic services do you provide?

    We specialize in Data Governance and Master Data management and can assist with choosing the right KPIs and Metrics to manage your business, as well as set up the accurate web and mobile tracking, and build attribution models that help you identify sources of quality traffic. We also offer BI recruitment services.

  • Can you provide a whole BI team if needed?

    Yes, we can provide a complete BI team out-of-the-box or we can lend a BI expert, whether it is a Tableau developer or Data Warehouse engineer.

Meet Our Team


Contact us to learn more about Key2Market’s unique approach to modern business analytics for your industry. We look forward to hearing from you!

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